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Kansas City's First Churrascaria - Rodizio Menu

Modified Rodizio

First Course:
Your first course will be a visit to our Gourmet Bar with over twenty-five hot
items & cold salads, plus condiments to choose from. Choose whatever looks appetizing and return as much as you would like, all we ask is that you get a clean plate when you return to the Gourmet bar. 

Second Course:
For the second course we will start your table out with your choice of six of the Rodizio meats listed on the back of the menu to be carved tableside by our Passadores and when you're ready for the next six cuts of meat, just let your server know. Every meal will also be served with Pao de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) and Caramelized Bananas. There are no markers on the tables as we no longer have continuous Rodizio service going from person to person and table to table. Our modified Rodizio service is still all you can eat, so just let your server know when you're ready and as many and as much you would like will be brought right out to your table by our Passadores.