What Exactly Is Rodizio Service?

Rodizio means "to rotate" in Portuguese and the service is just that from the rotisserie style of cooking the meat to the rotating manner in which the meats are presented and served at your table.

First Course; Gourmet Bar:

Your first course starts with a trip to our Hot & Cold Gourmet Bar. We offer over 30 different items from traditional Brazilian hot & cold dishes, seafood, some American favorites, and a variety of vegetables and various prepared salads. By no means is this your ordinary salad bar.

Second Course; Rodizio Meats:

The main entrée course is controlled by the customer. The traditional Rodizio is controlled by the guest with a two-sided marker at every table or a coin at each place setting. One side signals the Rodizio service to start and the other side signals it to stop. You may flip it as many times as you like, but be sure to save room for each of our top-quality cuts of pork, poultry, and beef. 

Modified Rodizio:
You'll order from your server 6 of our 12 cuts to start your table off, when you are ready for the next 6 cuts of meat or more of the same, your server will be checking in on you and you'll let them know when to bring out these cuts. The passadors will then bring out these cuts and carve them off onto your plates tableside, once they are finished at your table they bring that skewer back to our 700+ degree wood burning grill so there is no chance of cross contamination table to table. We have had to modify our Rodizio so, we no longer have the marker or coins on the tables and the passadors no longer roam the dining room going from person to person and table to table with their particular cuts of meat. You will still enjoy our unique Rodizio service sampling all the variety of meats you want to try, eating as much or as little as you prefer while knowing we're taking every precaution to insure your safety.

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