Prime Beef

Our Pledge

Em Chamas Brazilian Grill (Churrascaria) brings you traditional Brazilian Churrasco from the Pampas region of Southern Brazil. We offer various cuts of succulent beef, pork, lamb, and chicken all skewered and slow-roasted over a wood-fired grill preserving their natural flavors.

The delectable meats are served on the skewers in a continuous tableside service style called "rodizio" which is controlled by our guests. You just let us know when you are ready for the passadores to start and the meats don't stop until you've said you've had enough!

If you desire the particular cut of meat presented to you our passadores will carve the meat directly on to your plate. The guest may have as little or as much of any or all of the different cuts of meat they desire. Enjoy the most unique variety of meats in Missouri featuring USDA Prime and Choice Beef.